I have received the gift of life twice, through kidney transplantation by the age of 40.  I take each step as gratefully as I can and express my utter confusion and exhilaration of this wonderful thing called LIFE through my blog. I received my first transplant from my mother at age 25 and the second from a practical stranger that started following my blog at age 39.

What I know now after going through all that I have is everyone is waiting for something and although I was waiting for my life to change through transplantation, I had to somehow find my strength through being at peace with the unknown.

I faced my fears and came through stronger than ever. I always knew that life was about giving and receiving but now I want to live in that space of infinite freedom by sharing my joy, raising awareness of the importance of letting go and that you can find happiness in adversity.

My life now is about giving of service. I am passionate about raising awareness on the horror of puppy farms and the importance of adopting shelter pets, I run a recycled boutique in my home where I sell beautiful, cheap clothing to local ladies. I live in the magical area of the Margaret River wine region and let half our house out as affordable short stay accommodation to allow everyone a chance to live like we do. I manage Bobs Shoe Store where I am privileged to be a team leader to a group of awesome girls and create a fun work space and sell awesome products.

My greatest achievement is just knowing the world is at my feet and there is always more. I am married to the man of my dreams and along with our dog Karri, we love and support each other with open hearts and minds. My goal is to write my memoir and travel around Australia visiting indigenous communities raising awareness of how good nutrition will avoid diabetes which is the biggest cause of kidney failure. I want to speak to as many people as I can about how good life really is if only we went back to basics of what made us happy as children. We face challenges on a daily basis and setting ourselves free is the key to self growth. If we don’t grow, we won’t change, and if we won’t change, we will never learn who we really are.

Never be afraid of the freedom your dreams will bring you.

The start of my Kidneyqueen journey.

The start of my Kidneyqueen journey.


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