The rains are coming……..

This is a story I did for Kidney Health Australia. Click to have a squizzy: Maria’s Story

This is a radio interview I did for Triple J’s current affair program HACK:

As I sit at my favourite beach and watch my dog play with her foster brother, I am facing my unknown future. It will be three weeks this Monday that I had my cross matching done with my girlfriend, sister and husband. Who will it be? Will it be anyone? Then what? How will I have have the strength to keep strong? Will I get weaker the longer I stay on dialysis? Will I have to go on that dreaded list that I waited 6 years on the last time and never got ‘the call’?

For now my life is pretty stable. The main thing this is I have energy and i feel good. I’ve finally started the automatic peritaneal dialysis machine (APD) which means no more daily 5 bag changes a day. I just plug myself in at night and by the morning, I’m done. Amazing. Although I still feel like a robot, recharging myself while I sleep, I’m so so grateful I have my days back. Free to be a beach bum and hang out with my friends. He he, just how I like it. I still work and have responsibilities, but it feels pretty good on my days off. I feel like a teenager again. Freedom. And I know I deserve it.

I fill my days with baking, fishing, snorkelling, hanging out with my mates and their babies, walking, doing yoga and general chilling. Oh how I wish this was my life with a kidney. Sometimes I forget that I need one and then I get a glimpse of my tube and remember what I am going through. I’m scared. But if I wasn’t, I really would be a robot. I have hope, always will. I try and keep myself busy mentally and physically so I don’t allow myself to get down. I lean on my husband for emotional support and thank god I have him. Every now and again i ask him if I am going to be alright. He answers, ‘oh course babe’, and I believe him. The rain is coming so I better go before I get wet. I hate winter.



2 thoughts on “The rains are coming……..

  1. Of COURSE you’re going to be alright! I have faith that you will. 🙂 I wish Australia had a better donor system so your wait wouldn’t be so long, but as a good friend once told me, there are angels everywhere, and one will be there for you with a fabulous new kidney! 🙂 Life is good! Let’s hope it lasts a long time too. Oh, and I love the robot description…nailed it. Lol!

    • He he. Glad to know there is another little robot like me strutting proudly with her lifeline tube. Thank you for your kind words Berta. Hope we get to meet one day when we both have our new kidneys!! Yay.

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