As time goes by.

So I went to dialysis today and got told that my op has been postponed another week. The surgeon is currently in hospital with back problems. The thing is i bought tickets for my sisters birthday to go and see Jlo along with my three cousins on the 6th. The surgeons receptionist called to say he is officially back to work on the 3rd but expect he may cancel as he might not be fit enough to perform the surgery. If he cancels, the next appointment available is the 21st Dec. so at the stage I might miss out on Jlo and if not I may miss Christmas. The worst part is I have no idea which one ill miss but guaranteed I definitely will miss one. Kind of makes me want to cry and wish I didn’t have to have the op done altogether. The other issue is I won’t even go onto the transplant list until I have this surgery done. So I will revert to my old mantra, “strong mind, strong body” and my more recent one ” you get what you get and you don’t get upset”. No time to whinge about it. Think I might go to the beach. It’s out of my hands.



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