The sun, life and the universe

Yesterday after dialysis I planned to meet some friends only about 15 mins down the road. It was the first day I had driven myself there, hence having to drive myself home. I normally don’t feel great but on the odd occasion, I’ve felt fine so thought I’d take the chance. Umm, let’s just say, I don’t think I can plan anything after dialysis ever again. I couldn’t meet my friends and had to drive straight home. I got home, had some left overs, watched a bit of telly then fell asleep. I left the house at around 7am, got home at 1 pm and only started feeling well enough to do stuff at 4pm. I felt sad as I felt like I had wasted the day, then I started thinking about the guy I had met on dialysis. The first person I had ever met that had had kidney problems from a child. He said he had been on dialysis on and off for thirty years, had two failed transplants and was onto his sixth access point for dialysis. Two in his neck, four in his arms and now with the latest access failing, he has to have one on his leg. He was a fit, very healthy looking man and like me, didn’t let dialysis rule his life. He works, does incredible wood burning art and rides a motorbike. He says people wouldn’t guess that like me, he is waiting a kidney transplant. So what do we do? Shout it out to the world, give everyone we meet a lecture about how lucky they are to be healthy and tick the box? No. We live our lives the best we can and hope to whoever we have faith in, that people get informed and don’t forget about us. One day, we will all die and all those healthy organs could either be burned, buried or used to save a child, a mother, a daughter, a grandmother or even me.

Today I felt good. I went for a ride on my bike, washed and detailed my car and spent the whole afternoon with my beautiful little family down the beach in the sun. I love my life. Tomorrow is another day, another dialysis session. Another opportunity to meet someone else in my situation, to remember I’m not alone.



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